An Employment Investigation - by Sharon Ritchie.

Updated: Jan 25

With yet another publicly-funded lawsuit against Allan Halse, Leighton Associates readers must be asking: what threat is he? why are they spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to gag him and put him out of business?

We showed earlier how employment lawyers, MBIE mediators, Authority Members and Employment Court Judges have made it safe for employers and managers to run procurement frauds, commit sex offences, steal money or other forms of corruption. They made up rules allowing secret deals and coverups, enforced the hiding of evidence and invented “non-identification” orders to stop the offenders being talked about by name.

If they get a “super-injunction” from the High Court, they can even cover-up the coverup, and we know that’s happened at least once.

All those things are against the law. We have seen from the experience of UK lawyer Mark Mansell that the lawyers who help employers get away with criminal conduct put themselves at risk.

But why would they risk their own reputations, and why would they go for Allan?

Employers and managers do bad things. Sometimes really, really bad things. Their biggest fear is the whistleblower. Most fraud is caught that way.

The lawyers and MBIE arrange for documents and information to be hidden under an NDA or a random gagging order.

It starts with a “confidential” investigation while the evidence is collected. Then, in a secret meeting, the employee’s lawyer advises the employee to resign, hands the evidence over to the employer’s or manager’s lawyers, MBIE signs it off and there is “finality”. No more proceedings and the evidence has disappeared anyway.

Apparently they thought they had really found a legal loophole for getting away with fraud. Piltdown Man told it to them and maybe they didn’t check if it was a joke. Or a con. Like this one.

Now those lawyers are judges, and they can make fraud and coverups legal, and the joke is on the rest of us.

But what if they couldn’t rely on the employee’s lawyer to bow to the professional mysteries of the Piltdown procedures? What if the employee’s advocate said: “you can’t get away with that”? What if the advocate was a whistleblower too?

What if he had all the evidence there on his file?

They would need to gag and get rid of the advocate.

How can you do that, in a free country where there is a right to representation?

Well, it’s useful to be able to manipulate the legal system (and get paid for doing it). If you can get judges to hide evidence, perhaps you can get them to try to gag the whistleblowers as well.

Apparently, you can ...

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