Arbitration, Conciliation, Advocacy Services (ACAS) by Allan Halse

CultureSafe NZ Ltd has provided Government (and the Opposition) with the long term solution to our horrendous workplace bullying problem, which sadly has New Zealand ranked as 2nd worst in the developed world.

ACAS is the UK low level dispute resolution organisation that New Zealand desperately needs.

New Zealand's 500,000 (1 in 4) bullied workers, need a fence at the top of the cliff and CultureSafe NZ Ltd's Director Allan Halse (pictured with ACAS Board Chairman, Sir Brendan Barbar) has thoroughly researched ACAS over the past 5 years during trips to the UK.

Some information about ACAS:

- ACAS receives more than one million phone calls asking for workplace assistance, from employers and employees annually.

- ACAS provides advice and will intervene to resolve workplace issues.

Intervening at the earliest stage of an workplace problem stops matters escalating. New Zealand, has NO low level intervention organisation.

- ACAS returns 13 pounds to the UK economy for every one pound of the UK 50M GBP invested annually into running ACAS (that equates to a 1200% ROI).

Introducing an ACAS model to New Zealand is a no-brainer and in time would virtually eliminate workplace bullying.

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