Corruption the Russian way is easier in New Zealand - by Seryozha N.

In Russia, the brave opposition leader Alexei Navalniy is in prison.

After beginning his campaign against corruption, he was poisoned by the Russian operatives, but survived.

Then he was ordered to submit to court proceedings and he returned to Russia.

He was taken to prison. There were many huge protests in the street by people who were fed up with the corruption in Russia.

Navalniy was accused in the court of exposing poor commercial practices. He exposed that kindy children's food was poisoned.

The court did not hold to account the company that was accused. Instead, the court ordered Navalny to pay a fine of US$1,400,000.

These are the same court deals that we see in New Zealand, but we do not see huge street protests.

The Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court, acting for commercial bodies, have fined people and sent them to prison for exposing poor commercial practices and corruption. The Leighton Associates have shown the cases of Geoffrey Brown and Allan Halse. Also the case of Ana Shaw where Mark Beech, lawyer, and Judge Corkill have used the court against a woman who exposed her manager, who was stalking.

The Leighton Associates have also shown Judge Fitzgibbon and Judge Larmer ordering gifts to "mates", such as Tony Smith, Gordon Stewart and Sam Hood. If the judge says it, it is pointless to argue. Other judges will support them.

It's not a secret. These judges openly perform the corruption.

Why is the court corruption that is protested in Russia, not protested in New Zealand?

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