Crown Monitor appointed to BOP DHB – what now for $300k Shaw/Halse prosecution? by Steven Harris

Updated: Apr 8

This article by David Williams of Newsroom describes the appointment of a Crown monitor to Bay of Plenty District Health Board.

“Bay of Plenty’s issues were numerous – ‘financial performance, acute demand, workforce retention and management, and some key areas of service delivery, such as colonoscopy services’... Since its first deficit in 2017/18, the DHB’s finances had steadily increased in magnitude to a planned $30.8 million deficit in 2021/22, up from $18.2 million... Should things continue on the same track, the DHB would be at risk of breaching its $50 million overdraft limit by February...”

It’s not for us to say BOP DHB is underperforming financially compared to other DHBs because for all we know BOP DHB could have just been unlucky. But a deficit is a deficit and the Ministry of Health has decided to intervene. No doubt the Ministry will be looking to rein in expenditure it sees as unnecessary.

For example:

Bay of Plenty DHB v Shaw: From Vanity Project to Zombie SLAPP (21 May, 2021)

No, it’s still not resolved. Judge Beck may strike it out in the next few weeks, or let it run. (2 March, 2022)

Either way, a legal experiment has already cost the DHB’s stakeholders more than $300,000. One of the targets of this action received a costs demand through its external law firm for a paltry $6,087.29, about 2% of it. That’s probably not going to put a smile on Hon. Little’s face.

UPDATE 8 April: We found proceedings of similar character - perpetually butthurt ex-politician Colin Craig has found someone else to sue!

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