Don’t do it, Zuru – by Tristam Price

Kiwi toymaker Zuru received some extremely negative reviews on an employment app called Glassdoor, and suspects that one or more former employees are responsible. Zuru intends to sue for defamation.

Zuru has just passed the first legal hurdle in a District Court in California, which was to force Glassdoor to disclose the identities of the anonymous poster(s).

What now?

I defer to Calvin Broadus, below:

Leighton Associates has discovered publicised documents on meritless and/or retaliatory claims by employers against former employees and written articles about those proceedings.

Aside from that, candidates for job vacancies Google prospective employers, just as HR advisors Google candidates looking for red flags.

American sandwich chain Jimmy Johns (similar to Subway) required minimum wage workers to sign noncompete agreements until they were outed a few years ago. In the ensuing PR blowback the noncompetes were removed, without one ever being enforced.

Maybe Zuru should speak to Jimmy Johns’ PR firm (or Snoop Dogg).

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