Dunedin's employment law savvy PG fraudster - Hamish McNeilly for Stuff

Updated: Apr 26

Here's a delightful story from Stuff.

We don't expect to find any publicised ERA determinations but understand there were several settlement agreements (RoS) that "officially" prevent ripped off hospitality business owners from talking to each other. We invite any business owners affected to send in their Record of Settlement with Mr Davis / Tapper-Norris; we'll redact out the parties' names and other identifying details (that's just our protocol) and publicise what we're offered.

The October 2020 article below explains how spectacular abuses, including gagging of public sector whistleblowers, can be hidden by these "statutory instruments":

Nga mihi


Follow-up, 26 April: "Try enforcing this RoS/NDA against me and I'll call the Police."

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