Halse: Oh No, Not Another Lawsuit lol

Ever wondered why Hamilton employment advocate Allan Halse is in and out of the ERA and Employment Court as a respondent / defendant, and his legal dramas dominate seem to hog Leighton Associates' bandwidth? It's because he won't flip; he calls it as he sees it. And NZ employment lawyers who behave like UK lawyers did in the 1990s have a problem with that apparently.

Before becoming a self-employed advocate in early 2014, Allan spent six years working as a property manager for Hamilton City Council. An employment relationship problem arose. Given the context of his decision that his next job would be in employment advocacy, that employment dispute was nothing out of the ordinary and was resolved in mediation anyway.

Seven years ago; that's quite a few haircuts! Two weeks ago Allan received an email from the Employment Relations Authority about an "employment relationship problem". But it wasn't about one of his clients.

If you want to see what that "employment relationship problem" was, use your Facebook account to search for Culturesafe NZ Ltd and scroll through the posts.

Allan was expected to respond to HCC's Statement of Problem with a Statement in Reply and has done so. This is attached along with Culturesafe NZ Ltd's Statement in Reply. Culturesafe did not exist when the Record of Settlement was signed. Grab the popcorn...

(Comments by Tristam Price, Lower Hutt)

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