Is New Zealand following China's lead? - by Karen Davis

The international press is reporting the anti-democratic crackdown in Hong Kong - starting with the end of freedom of the press.

It looks as New Zealand is following China's lead, through the employment jurisdiction. But in fact what is happening in Hong Kong has been going on here for years.

As we've reported, the Employment Court supports companies and officials in covering up wrongdoing, rather than supporting a invasive foreign entity. Though we think it's also not good when you have to hope and expect your judges are supporting domestic corruption.

So far the employment law industry has supported multiple cases against people who have reported wrongdoing. Geoffrey Brown was sent to prison by Judge Corkill for reporting corruption at the Tauranga City Council. Allan Halse, Ana Shaw and Susan Kennedy have all been relentlessly attacked by the same system, apparently because government bodies they talk about what public officials have done or even just because they may talk about something that they have been doing.

The lawyers who attack these people on behalf of the wrongdoers are quite a small group. They are quietly supported by the employment law industry that won't stand up to them. We've seen what we think are a few corrupt officials and con-men who have undermined the integrity of the law. They are also supported by the employment tribunals and by judges in the courts in suppressing the news when things go wrong.

In the current case brought by the Bay of Plenty DHB against Ana Shaw, saying she was "in contempt", she hasn't even been told what she was supposed to be in contempt of, or what she was supposed to have done wrong. It's been going on for over two and a half years.

We at Leighton Assocates think New Zealand is ahead of China.

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