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Mr Bates vs The Post Office is coming to TVNZ from 31 March

Britons living in New Zealand will finally be able to tune in from Sunday 31 March to see what the deal is with the Post Office Scandal. 

Nearly 1,000 subpostmasters were pursued for fictitious accounting shortfalls that were generated by highly defective retail software supplied by Fujitsu in 1999 and 2000.  Prosecutions ran from 2000 to 2014 and some convictions have since been overturned, although very little compensation has been paid so far.  While no investigators, lawyers and executives have yet faced criminal prosecution for their part in the scandal, this is likely to happen from 2025.

A four part docudrama screened on ITV over four consecutive days, from January 1-4, and had a profound effect on the nation’s consciousness.   During that time, Phase 4 of a statutory inquiry, the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry chaired by retired judge Sir Wyn Williams, was underway.  Phase 5 and 6 will resume in April and is likely to take several months.

Leighton Associates researches employment law and while subpostmasters would be considered franchisees rather than employees, this is an insignificant detail insofar as we research coverup mechanisms, groupthink, disclosure violations and deceptive practices which can also apply to employment dispute resolution.  We have re-published several articles on the Post Office Scandal including three from journalist Nick Wallis in December.

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