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Secret 2013 Post Office recordings are not leaks. They’re disclosures.

Forensic accountancy firm Second Sight was engaged by the UK Post Office to investigate Horizon problems, then sacked when it got too close to the truth.  Horizon was defective retail software that was supplied by Fujitsu in 1999 and 2000. It was creating phantom shortfalls for which Post Office subpostmasters (franchisees) were criminally pursued by the Post Office’s own prosecution team.   Flagrant disclosure violations that prevented the subpostmasters from defending themselves featured heavily in the scandal.

The ITV Mini-series Mr Bates vs The Post Office, which screened in the UK in early January, New Zealand on 31 March and 1 April, and reaches American shores next week, featured Certified Fraud Examiner Ron Warmington, pictured.  Ian Henderson is his business partner.  The General Counsel of Post Office Ltd at the time the recording was made (December 2013), which has been disclosed very recently, was Chris Aujard who is believed to be now working for a wealth management multinational company in Wellington, New Zealand.  Aujard is due to give evidence to the long-running Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry on 24 April, most likely remotely.

On 24 January we published UK Post Office NDAs (gag contracts) can be brushed aside for Statutory Inquiry and explained that the Post Office had consented (not that it had much choice) to Second Sight providing evidence to the Inquiry that would otherwise be covered by a confidentiality agreement.  This type of contract would be normal for protection of commercial interests but appears have been used instead to cover up serious wrongdoing, including disclosure violations which led to hundreds of wrongful convictions.

Phase 5 and 6 of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry starts tomorrow.  Alan Bates will be first to give evidence to the Inquiry and we will post YouTube links as they become available.

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