Silly SLAPP: Robin Shuts It Down - By Karen Davis

Updated: Apr 4

Further to our previous blog "Cartel" (Update: we deleted this on 5 February because we received a Takedown Notice from a law firm, but not the firm that caused an unwitting ERA to serve a SLAPP on a pregnant teacher and her advocate); we are pleased to advise that the ERA member to whom the matter was allocated nipped the SLAPP in the bud. It now remains for the ERA to consider a relatively simple Personal Grievance for unjustified disadvantage and unjustified dismissal.

We were surprised to learn that Ms Twaddle, the lawyer acting for the school included a screen shot of "Cartel" in a Memorandum to the ERA as if that would support its claim. That would seem to have been an own-goal if anything, much like having the trainee teacher served while she was in labour!


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