To catch a (document) Thief - by Karen Davis

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Do you know these people?

We are not going to say they are "wanted" !

These are the lawyers who were caught stealing and conspiring to pervert the course of justice but at least for Geoff Davenport that was made legal.

They stole evidence of Tony Smith the Law Lord and his assistant, Gordon Stewart, faking records about themselves and everyone around them.

Smith and Stewart paid them public money to get the Sawyer files back that showed the faking and also showed Helen Cull and Karen Radich running a fraudulent coverup.

The lady with the big smile and flowing locks is Penelope Ryder-Lewis. She was supposed to represent Sawyer. Instead Ryder-Lewis, who runs a law business under the name Bartlett Law, stole Sawyer's faked records and sold them secretly to Geoff Davenport, in the other picture.

Ryder-Lewis admitted in an affidavit in a High Court case to what she had done. She was paid $10,000, agreed by Geoff Davenport. It wasn't his money. It was Victoria University's money.

Geoff Davenport got paid a lot more by Victoria University direct. The fakers arranged for that.

Helen Cull is now a High Court judge. She had already been paid for the original coverup. She also advised the Law Society about Ethics !!!

In the case about the fraudulent coverup, Tony Smith and Judge Cull were represented by Mary Scholtens. Mary Scholtens said the coverup had to be legal. She spoke about the "sexual proclivities" discussed by Gordon Stewart in his fake emails. We understand those were the "proclivities" of Judge Cull and / or Tony Smith. Of course if Judge Cull and Law Lord Tony Smith wanted a coverup, they would have to have one.

Tony Smith advised the Law Society on the Rule of Law. We can't think what to say about that.

The Chief Executive Director of the Law Society when all this was going on was Christine Grice. She became a High Court Judge a bit after Judge Helen Cull did. So readers will not be surprised she found that fraud was acceptable in this case. She let Victoria University and Geoff Davenport off.

But not quick enough for Geoff Davenport's firm. They could not have been sure he would be let off fraud again. If he hadn't been, all their fraudulent profits they had made from coverups would be grabbed and their insurance would not pay.

Geoff Davenport had been in a firm for years with two long-term partners. Kathryn James deals with the firm's property and investments. She attended the hearing where Mary Scholtens represented Geoff Davenport, even though Mary Scholtens was being sued in fraud as well. We can understand how worrying it must have been for her if Judge Christine Grice had not held that theft and laundering was legal for Geoff Davenport as well.

So thieves have been caught but they are doing okay. They have got lawyers, the judges will see them all right and they can all get paid by Victoria University.

Are the other lawyers being paid by insurance companies? Usually they are not allowed to insure crimes. No danger of not getting their money if the court says theft and laundering are legal though !!!

Readers may see why Leighton Associates has become interested in Anti-Money Laundering as well as employment law.

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