We Just Don't Care

Do you remember the Pike River Mine disaster? Everybody does.

Concerns about workplace safety were reported for months before the mine exploded.

After the explosions, there was an inquiry. The directors weren't questioned. It appears they made non-disclosure agreements. Those are what fraudsters use to make sure nobody finds out about frauds, thefts, etc in New Zealand.

The Chief Executive was prosecuted. That's Peter Whittall. Remember him? Everybody does. He would have signed the non-disclosure agreements and he knew exactly what had happened, why the mine blew up and why it was concreted up as fast as possible.

Then in December 2013, the prosecution was dropped and Peter Whittall ran away to Australia with the Pike River financial controller, Angela Horne.

Worksafe that did the coverup, in return for money. Worksafe was prosecuting, Crown Law represented them and agreed a coverup. Pike River Ltd receivers stripped out Pike River assets, set up by Peter Whittall's solicitor, Andrew Horne.

Then Worksafe agreed he mustn't give evidence about what the directors had done to save money on safety. Because that would show who actually got the money. The directors of Pike River, the directors of Solid Energy (they got the Pike River assets), the lawyers at Minter Ellison, Stuart Grieve QC ... MBIE. MBIE got over $3,000,000 for agreeing the coverup.

Some brave lawyers - yes, they do exist - stood up to Worksafe but the coverup was upheld by the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Until the Supreme Court wiped it out in November 2017, and said you can't legally do those coverups.

Allan Halse has been exposing workplace health and safety breaches and the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court have been shutting him up and closing him down. The Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court are stuffed with Crown Lawyers who have been covering up health and safety issues for years instead of doing what the taxpayer pays them for, which is upholding standards.

He stood up to them. The Court of Appeal, just the same as with Pike River, shut him down again. More coverup.

Allan Halse went to the Supreme Court to see if they would stand up for the rule of law the way they did with Pike River. They didn't. Maybe the mates being protected are too close to them. Crown Law mates, like Inglis, Holden ... Beck, who got an injunction against talking about sex offences by mates at Russell McVeagh.

Maybe we can't expect better from a broken system. But look how they did it.

See those numbers listed on this one-page dismissal? They aren't even the right numbers.

The Supreme Court of New Zealand couldn't be bothered to look at a serious application, for something that affects all Kiwis. While the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court aren't functioning to protect workers, nobody is. But Kiwi taxpayers still have to pay off those Members and Judges, who are supposed to do their job.

Thumbs down to the Supreme Court of New Zealand for pandering to their mates instead of doing the job they're paid for.

The challenges to coverups of health and safety breaches by lawyers and judges are still going on. Thumbs up to the people who still believe in the rule of law in New Zealand. But good luck with that.

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