Will Kim Dotcom (+3) Apply for Judicial Review? – By Tristam Price

This is obviously not an employment matter, but the NZ Supreme Court have made a ruling, subject to Judicial Review (JR), of Dotcom’s bid to avoid extradition to the United States to face copyright charges. Now that the concept of JR has entered the mainstream, it should be a little easier for us to report on an employment-related JR of three determinations of the NZ Employment Relations Authority that involved three sets of legal proceedings against anti-workplace bullying advocacy company Culturesafe NZ Ltd.

We couldn't help but notice that Employment Court judges hate it when the topic of JR comes up, but employment cases in New Zealand rarely get noticed overseas like the Dotcom case has, hence the need to demonstrate transparency of our legal process.

For anyone following the strange Dotcom saga, here’s a press release from the Supreme Court that’s just under four pages:

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