Yeah Sleaze! - by Sharon Ritchie

Updated: Jan 1

This is Professor Pippa Rogerson. She is the Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, in the UK.

You know it's posh Brit stuff because that isn't pronounced the way it looks. "Caius" pronounced "Keys". Rhymes with "Sleaze", not a surprise.

The colleges of Cambridge University are some of the richest bodies in the world. They are run as charities, so they get tax breaks. They pay their charity money out to themselves as salary. They can also have money for parties. If they say they do really good academic work, there's nobody rich enough to disagree with that.

The very famous New Zealand businessman, Douglas Myers, and the most famous New Zealand judge, Lord Robin Cooke, were students at Gonville and Caius College.

Three years ago Professor Pippa, an expert on international commercial laws, gave a proud interview about how "we really do live in a post-truth world". She said how the "fabulous, fabulous people" they had in Cambridge were actually doing things that were "really valuable" and how they would "find our way through whatever problems we face".

A lot of other New Zealand lawyers and judges have passed through this body since those famous men. Through Cambridge University but especially Gonville and Caius College. They have come back and established the country as a leader in financial services of a certain kind. They have got jobs advising the government and its departments. They have got jobs as judges. It's been a long haul but as Professor Pippa says, there is a lot of history in her college. History means connections to power and it brings you "research funding" that can develop the law.

Old colleges can send people to develop the law in the UK's old dominions and colonies, too, just like they always did.

In New Zealand as Leighton Associates have revealed, you can get a free pass for fraud if you are mates with a judge. (If you are family with a judge, you can actually get a job as a judge.) Then if someone tries to expose you, you can get them randomly "fined" or sent to prison. Best of all, you can get people "fined" until you bankrupt them and then you can get them sent to prison because they can't be punished by "fines" any more. What a useful tool the New Zealand judiciary is.

If you are in the UK you might be stuck for where to send your money, since the UK declared the British Virgin Islands to be corrupt. No worries mate! You can get an order for $71.56 to route it via New Zealand with a "name suppression order". Jacinda's made sure her Ministers get other countries to agree not to look behind those.

It's fabulous, fabulous.

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